Costs Less

Pinnakl’s Edge user licenses are “full-use” licenses at “ready-only” prices.

Get all the functionality at a better price.

* A full-use license for hedge fund tech averages $20k/yr ($1,667/mo), while read-only licenses average $10k/yr ($833/mo).

Desktop Competitor
SaaS Competitor
Artifical Intelligence
OMS Pre-Trade compliance
Trade Blotter
Automatic Allocation
Short Locate Integration
EMS FIX Execution
PMS Multi-Asset Class Support
P&L Calculation
Corporate Action
SMA Support
Risk Stress Testing
Pricing Source Flexibility
Analytics Risk, Portfolio etc.
Pricing End of day Pricing
Connectivity End of day Trade Delivery
Recon T+1 Recon
Reporting Reporting
Mobile Connectivity via any device
  • No Set-up Fee
  • No customized Reports Fee
  • No Onboarding Fees
  • No Connectivity Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Adding Accounts Fee
“We thought we’d need to hire some tech FTEs to make our previous platform work the way we wanted.  Then we heard about Pinnakl.  Now we have a platform that works the way we want – and no IT overhead.”


CFO @ Corrib Capital